Monday, 18 June 2012

A simple scrapbook page anyone can follow, step by step

I am on my soap box again, i love to scrapbook and i love to get others into my 'habit'
so this is a simple easy page that can be done in any colour, just to get someone (anyone ?) started

hope you like it - start with a plain 12 x 12 in this case and this one is black- i am using for my page, bexley black and lincoln linen papers from Do-crafts capsule range
I have trimmed some lincoln linen paper to 12 x 11 so the black edges show on the sides

I then added an 8 x 8 in bexley black , i laid it on the paper to see if i liked it. then i distressed the edges by rolling them over and ripping a bit. adding an ink pad to the edges. used tim holtz old paper distressed ink
see below, and then i stuck it down as shown.

Next i did the same with another piece of bexley black , this time matting it onto a piece of lincoln linen cut slightly bigger.
I then stuck it down as shown above

This is my chosen photo as its black and white its ideal. i have matted it onto some black card as above and then added it to the left side of  the centre square
Here you can see i have used a white pen to ink around the edges like stitches

-and a black pen on this one
I have added a long piece of lincoln linen to fit down the right hand side of the centre grey square. 

 i sneakily used the card from a pack of bexley black die cut shapes as its pretty with the bow on it.
i then used some lincoln linen strips of sticky borders in the black flower shape,see below,  i left the centres in the middle of the flowers so it would cover the printed text  on the card. then using blitters and buttons for the centres

Next i used a button to cover the circle writing i didnt want and i did a bit of journaling on the card in black.
 More sneaky stuff, i used the front of the 8 x 8 bexley black paper pack and chopped the piece as shown. it covers the rest of the writing on the card i didnt want to see. (Below) in the A4 die cut packs you always get some nice letter, these are some i have used on this page to say US 2 as you can see, these sticky back letters can be coloured to suit your project
Finally added blitters, a large button  to embellish further. and you could go on adding stuff. but i really think less is more sometimes and i was happy with the end result. i shall do a page to go opposite this one in my scrapbook in my demo at squires on Saturday 23rd June and will post it on here after that.

This is a matching page, i like to make a similar page to go on the facing page in my scrapbook. not the same, just similar


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    1. thanks for sweet comment, why not give it a go ?

  2. What an adorable page!
    I love it.

    Nikki x

  3. That's a lovely page. The papers are gorgeous and the photo made me smile. I like the way you covered up the text you didn't want, no one would know x

  4. Gorgeous page. Love how you used recycled packaging :) xx


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