Thursday, 9 August 2012

Marjie's 65th Birthday present

I have not been able to post this before as it was for a dear friend who i have know for nearly 60yrs !
this was for her 65th and retirement party.

it started off quite bright, as you see above , but got sprayed and muted as i added photos and embellishments. she did love it. as it has photo's of family and friends in it too.i have taken some photos from different bits of it and zoomed in a bit too.

                                     even managed a few rub ons to go inside & add interest

                                              I must admit i was very happy with it too.


  1. Oh my Janna this is stunning. I am not surprised at all that your friend loved it, it is a work of art and a great keepsake too.

    Linda xxx

  2. What a fabulous project Janna. I love all the details, and especially how you've decorated the sides and roof too x

  3. That's really beautiful!! You've put a lot of effort in there!!
    Friends for over 60years!! that's surely a blessing!! I wish I get to keep my friends close for that long!! :)


  4. Thats fantastic. Great creativity , i love it all and such beautiful colours xxx

  5. Stunning, so much work gone into this, well done hun it is fantastic xxx

  6. Thank you all, and yes bee and Sam there are 3 of us who have been friends all that time. I made my other friend a mini album in a box . Posted in June . I am blessed x

  7. Happy? So you should be it's fab, bet your friend was well chuffed with it !!!!
    Really, a beautiful project

  8. Really stunning, love your attention to detail
    Lindsay xx


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