Friday, 14 March 2014

Bellissimo Box Card

Some you lovely ladies at Aldershot wanted the box card template, well it's here
With this card I made earlier - Bellissimo range

This was inspired by the lovely Julie Hickey who was on create and craft this morning. I so loved her box cards that I had to go and make one for my demo in Portsmouth range tomorrow - I used Bellissimo as it's ideal for spring & Mother's Day. But will be buying some craftwork card box cards as it's so much easier. & they are gorgeous too !

I used an A4 white card and divided it up as below photo

Mark out 4 panels from the left at 7cm 14cm 21cm & 28cm and the bit left over is trimmed down
As shown to be the glued tab.
Mark with pencil a horizontal line about one third down & cut down from the top just to this
Pencil line , see photo above, these tabs will fold back. 
Now score the 4 x 7 cm panels & the glue tab. 
On the horizontal line only score the first 2 from the left and the last tab. If you look at
The finished box card the back flap stands up behind the design & the others fold down. 

I made the mistake of scoring all mine , see above !

& and had to stick a panel over the back to keep it up.

Before sticking the box together add panels of pretty papers

Glue the box together using the tab.
Make your self some little z tabs that will fit inside the box to hold your 
Embellishments , you could also cut some white 'branches' to attach to the tabs and add more 
Embellishments . 

Always folding flat your card to make sure your additions

Will still allow the card to go into the envelope
Decorate to your hearts content 


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