Saturday, 2 August 2014

A box of Roald Dahl

I couldn't make up my mind what to do first with all the great Roald Dahl goodies from DoCrafts
So many sqiffingly lovely things to use.
In the end I grabbed a wooden box from the shop I was working in today , Art of Craft in North Camp (a real arty crafty lovers dream) & painted it in Anita's Red Acrylic paint.
Whilst it was drying I put together a concertina of things to go in it.

This is the top of the finished box with Roald Dahl adhesive paper stuck on the lid & inked
On the edges as was the bow in yellow & purple inks 
as it was too white ! 

 Here are all the pages , the last one stuck inside the box base . If you use an 8" foldie card you can cut it in half length ways & fold again to make it concertina into 4" squares to fit I to a 5" box nicely.

 This photo showed the base page stuck in & photo below shows the reverse of the pages


I love this idea for birthdays , weddings etc when you don't want a whole scrapbook to give
To someone but something like this means you can add a few photos or embellishments & give 
as a gift . If you go back to 2012 on my blog you will see one I did for a friend 


  1. Great idea. I love that ribbon on the top of the box, looks very luxurious.


  2. I absolutely love this range and this make is just fabulous!! Such a great gift for someone lucky x

  3. Janna, this is a great project! I love the bright colours, just perfect fot kids!
    Dawn xx


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